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I have often been posed the question, “if you could re-live your life over again without changing anything, would you?” Looking back at the challenges I faced as a teenager into my 20’s, I would still answer “Yes.” The painful obstacles and lessons I endured have enabled me to empathize and empower others. These personal building blocks have been the foundation that created the helping professional I am today.

I provide In-Person and Virtual treatment sessions to individual clients, families and group therapy. I continue to learn from my clients each day. It is an honor to watch them grow, feel confident and worthwhile.

More About Libby Andress, LCSW

As a practicing psychotherapist since 2004, I have the privilege of working with clients from diverse backgrounds and learning their unique struggles in life. I have studied and practiced in a number of cities including Boston, New York, Philadelphia and the South Florida area.


  • BSW: Boston University (2003)
  • MSW: Fordham University (2004)
  • 3 year Psychoanalytic/Psychotherapy training program: Baruch College (2009)
  • 1 Year Mindfulness and Psychotherapy training program: Institute for Meditation And Psychotherapy (2014)

"My sessions with Libby changed my views on therapy. In the past I felt forced to go for my family. I thought, therapy is only for “crazy people,” and I am pretty okay.” When I made the choice to return and found Libby as my therapist, I had a completely different experience. Her office is a calm, peaceful atmosphere which reflects her personality. I feel welcomed and encouraged to just be me. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Libby and would highly recommend her services."

-17 y.o. client

Libby Andress, LCSW

Licensed Psychotherapist
(PA) #CW021079
(FL) #SW9164

Libby Andress, LCSW - mental health therapist Philadelphia Pennsylvania